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Another Great Idea from Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes

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Whether you are building a new home or looking to incorporate some pizzazz into your existing conventional home, consider a spacious timber frame porch addition like this one.

This 19′ x 16′ timber frame porch addition creates a welcoming ambiance for dwellers and guests alike. It not only provides shelter from inclement weather conditions, but it has ample space to sit down and simply relax. After all, sometimes all we need is a little fresh air.

Timber Frame Porch Addition: Quality, Precut Timbers

Tied into a conventional structure, this timber frame porch addition is built with premium-grade Kiln-Dried, Engineered Timbers. The Eastern White Pine members include 6×6 porch posts, massive 6×12 headers, King Post Truss, rafters, collar ties and handcrafted arched angle braces. The members were precut to exacting tolerances and delivered directly to this job site. Outlast Q8 Log Oil, “natural” in color, was applied to the timbers once the project was erected. This custom design, quality products and expert craftsmanship were part of a complete materials package supplied by Timberhaven.

Hey, speaking of expert craftsmanship…. just look at this timber frame porch ceiling. It is a wooden work of art.

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