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Timberhaven Winter Freeze Promotion

If you’re a pre-planner, then we can reasonably assume you are currently appreciating savings from price-per-gallon fuel oil costs and per-kWh electricity charges. All because you planned ahead and locked-in a lower rate some time ago. Smart thinking! Similarly, Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes is offering future homeowners the chance to lock-in (or freeze) the 2016 price of their log home or timber frame home package. This special offer yields an opportunity for future homeowners to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars on the purchase price of their package.

With continued rising costs of building products, an increase in log home package pricing is expected. As such, it has been confirmed that each Timberhaven log home package will increase on average 4-5%. The new pricing will take effect after March 2017.

Timberhaven Log Homes

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